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Stress directly affects us in areas including our mind and our body.  Stress can affect the way we think, feel, eat, and sleep.  

Stress can manifest itself through chronic pain, headaches, muscle aches/stiffness, poor sleep, over-eating, confusion, loss in concentration, depression, drinking or even smoking.  

From the pressures of today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle to the fears related to our current pandemic crisis, stress is affecting many of us on a daily basis.  

This is especially true for individuals who are already genetically predisposed to anxiety or stress. 

Here are some tips to combat stress while staying indoors:



Exercise is not only one of the best methods to improve mood, but it literally improves overall health.  When we exercise we produce endorphins that act as natural pain killers, improving sleep and reducing stress. 

Whether you are running your heart out, biking, or waking at a tolerable pace, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on a daily basis is recommended in order to maintain overall systemic health.  

Yoga Time!

What if a walk in the park or a run on the beach is not an option for you, especially with today’s social distancing regulations, what then?  

Time to get creative, pull out your yoga mat, and get to it!  Whether your living space is grand or petit, clear some space and make room on your floor for some fun!  If you have access to the internet, YouTube is an excellent place to find a wide variety of workout videos.  If you are new to yoga, there are some important basic essential tools that are needed before you can begin any yoga routine: 


Yoga Mat

yoga mats
Jade Yoga Mat

You will need a yoga mat.  The only yoga mat I personally use and recommend is the “>Jade Yoga Matt.  This yoga mat is hands down one of the highest quality mats on the market that’s not slippery and that actually grips! The Jade Yoga Matt is slightly more expensive than the run of the mill mat you find at typical department stores, but for a couple of extra dollars, the benefits far outweigh the cost.  

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are used frequently depending on the style of yoga class and instructor.  In either case, make sure you have two yoga blocks before you pop in that yoga video.  The blocks I recommend are 

Yoga Straps

Yoga straps can be used not only to improve stretches but they can also be used to carry and store your yoga matt.  Many yoga instructors use straps especially for beginners.  

Yoga Bolster

Yoga bolster pillows are like body pillows but firmer and they typically come in square or circular shapes.   They are commonly used in restorative yoga routines and toward the end of many yoga sessions.  

Meditation Pillow

“>Meditation pillows are typically used to sit on while meditating but can also be used during your yoga workout.  Meditating in the morning or prior to a yoga workout really impacts the quality of your day. Take the 7-day yoga challenge and see how you feel! 

Yoga blanket

Yoga blankets are used during some yoga workouts, especially toward the restorative portion of the session.  They can also be folded and used to perform certain poses.  

Eye Pillows

Beaded Eye pillows (typically lavender-scented) are used toward the restorative portion of your yoga workout.  The weight of the beads as well as the lavender scent help to promote relaxation. They will dramatically improve the quality of the restorative part of your workout.  


A Theraband can be used to perform a variety of exercises from stretching to muscle strengthening.  It can be used during an array of different workout routines including pilates, core muscle strengthening, and physical therapy.    

Yoga Balls

Yoga balls are used to strengthen core muscles and are used for a variety of workout styles, including yoga and pilates.  The ball is used during many workout videos that are geared toward core muscle strength.  


girl writing in journal

Journaling is an excellent way to get our thoughts out of your mind and on paper.  There are a plethora of ways to journal so don’t let perfectionism take control and simply start writing!   Click here to receive our FREE journaling templates that will guide you on your journaling adventure.  

Don’t worry about your writing skills.  This is not a contest. It’s just a way for you to release any unwanted emotions and reduce your stress level.   You will find, however, that the more you write, the better you will become. It’s inevitable! It’s especially important to be patient and kind to yourself through this process.  



Many times, our stress has a direct relationship with our physical well being, often causing us to experience muscle tightness and chronic pain.  Massage is an effective method of releasing stress by manually loosening and relaxing tight and painful muscle groups. As professional massages tend to be costly, there are some alternatives. This involves asking friends or family for massages or doing it ourselves.  Since many of us don’t always have others around 24/7, we must give ourselves massages.   

The massager I personally recommend is Hypervolt.  It has 3 speeds and the power on this sucker is beyond words.  Another massager I use on a daily basis is Theracane.  The great thing about this massager is that you don’t need anyone else.  In fact, you can give yourself a deep massage simply using your own body weight.  Foam rollers are excellent for relaxing muscles after a workout or before bed.  Another alternative is The Original Tiger Tail.  This muscle roller massage stick gets deep into the muscle and gives an amazing massage.  

Rearrange your living space

Our home environment is directly related to our internal emotional state.  When a living space is dirty and cluttered, one tends to feel anxious and overwhelmed.  Clean up your environment, make your bed, give your place some TLC! Here are some FREE tips for creating a stress-free living space:

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